Basic Needs for Self Love

Remember way back in kindergarten when you learned about basic needs?

Food, clothing, and shelter are universal basic needs. But what about your basic needs as an individual?

You have basic needs that are specific to your optimal functioning. They’re subjective, unique to you and the way you show up in the world each day. Take a second to think about foundational needs~getting sleep that’s restful and restorative; drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient dense foods; moving your body for some form of exercise.

Now think about some things you need to have in place to function at a high level for you: Maybe you need at least 9 hours of sleep; connection to others; to avoid or include certain foods in your diet; kind words; the perfect cup of coffee, compassion, quiet time to read, meditate, journal, or practice a new skill you’re learning.

What do you need each day to feel good about yourself, like you are worthy, that you’re living your life on purpose?

If that question stumps you, now is a great opportunity to do some investigating around that. WITHOUT SHAME. Rather ask the question of noticing which is: Isn’t that interesting?

Daily Practice~

  1. Breathe/Meditate (5 minutes) (Choose one from the list provided here)
  2. Write Daily Pages 10 minutes
    • Set timer if you want to
    • Respond to Journal prompt: What are your unique basic needs? Do you meet them on a regular basis? If no, Isn’t that interesting? Why not? Now that you’re aware of it, how do you think it can change for your highest and greatest good?

Know you’re loved~

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