4 Simple tools to create a daily practice you can build on for the rest of your life

  • Meditation made simple 
  • Breathing made doable
  • Journaling to access your subconscious mind 
  • Movement tutorials that stroke your body into shape rather than beating it into submission

When practiced EVERY day with consistency, commitment and repetition, more than likely you’ll break down into some ugly cries along the way. OR, you may feel like nothing is happening. Trust the process and know it's working it's magic even if you don't think you can feel any difference. Depending on where you are in your journey, change will range from subtle to dramatic. One intention of this program is to learn how to feel your feelings and be in your body without being a prisoner to either. You’ve been running on autopilot for a long time and Daily Practice will help you let go of sh*t you didn't even know you were carrying around. Please honor and embrace it for what it is without judgement. And for the love of all things holy~please don't use this as a tool to shame yourself if you don't do it "perfectly". I promise you can't do this wrong or screw it up~as long as you just do it!

You're not alone. You got this. I believe in you and can't wait for you to get started!

It starts as a whisper, a small voice that gets louder and louder until you either answer the call of your destiny or ignore it and fall back asleep into your small self. Connect your head, heart, and highest self to unlock the doors to your truth.

The very act of writing has been scientifically shown to be a creative process. Daily Pages~AKA  Journaling~will help you create space in your brain. It’s a simple, powerful tool to access your subconscious mind, gain clarity and create huge shifts. The power of journaling has
Did you know that your body and brain heal, recover, restore cellular growth and connection while you sleep? Amazing things happen and through all of my spiritual awakening/personal growth journey I’ve discovered that restful, restorative sleep is your most solid foundation on which you build
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I have been a physician and scientist for 35 years and have practiced the scientific method throughout my career. I believe strongly in evidence-based medicine. However, I have come to understand that healing does not always mean prescribing a medication, ordering a diagnostic procedure or
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36 days ago I started another leg of my long, strange trip~Whole 30. That was my most recent restart~I really, really started years ago when I began to wake up and notice patterns in my life. Some patterns were productive and forward moving, others, not
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