Daily Pages, Breath Work & Meditation, a Daily Practice to help you Start Taking your Time Back

On top of the million other things you have to do, where do you have time for these new daily practices. How can you possibly add more things to do?!?!?

We all have the same amount of hours in the day, it’s up to you to choose how to spend them. Really be honest with yourself about your screen time, social media scrolling and plain ol’ procrastination! This is a PERFECT time to practice personal responsibility for how you’re spending your time and showing up for yourself.

Here are some dead times to think about filling:

  • Strictly Limiting Social Media
  • Before you get out of bed
  • Your daily commute
  • Standing in lines
  • Waiting for appointments
  • In the shower

You now have a handful of techniques and tools to practice until they become a natural and fixed part of your everyday life!

Remember ~ You help to hold the fabric of the universe together with your presence. Stop seeing yourselves as small and insignificant. Recognize yourself as the large contributor you are, and the brilliant light you were born to be.

Daily Practice:

  1. Breathe/Meditate
  2. Daily Pages/Journaling (10 minutes)
    • Set timer if you want to
    • Respond to Journal Prompt: What did you learn/experience through completing this program? What are your next steps? What happens if you stop? What happens if you decide to take the next step with us? What do you have to gain or lose when you move forward?

Know you’re loved!


It starts as a whisper, a small voice that gets louder and louder until you either answer the call of your destiny or ignore it and fall back asleep into your small self. Connect your head, heart, and highest self to unlock the doors to your truth.

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