Trust & Faith

Trusting and having faith that everything works out exactly as it should is one of the most difficult practices on your personal growth and self care journey.

The secret to your success?

Show up and love yourself first and foremost. Honor your words to yourself and do the things you say you’re going to do~this is why it’s IMPERATIVE you learn to talk kindly to yourself and say no to things and people who suck your energy instead of replenishing it.

Honoring your commitment to your self builds trust and helps you have faith even when life goes to hell in a handbasket. Celebrate the fact you’ve survived 100% of your most traumatic days. And you’re badassier because of it!

When you depend on other people, places and events outside of you to make you feel loved, happy and safe, your foundation is more like quicksand than granite. In trusting that you are the most important person in your life, you can have faith in knowing that whatever happens and whenever it happens, is on purpose according to Divine timing. You are ok and you are loved.

And loving you is not someone else’s job, it’s your job. That means unconditional love~whether you’re wearing your ideal size clothes, whether you chilled in bed instead of ___________________ (fill in the blank with one of the zillion other things you “should” be doing), or whether you had a temper tantrum and lost your mind…ALL OF IT.

No matter how much work you do and how much your consciousness expands, you’re still human and shit still happens. That’s life. You will be tested. At all times your emotional well being is up to you and you now have the self awareness to choose how to respond, rather than react, to whatever life throws your way. It’s called personal responsibility.

Name your feelings, where you feel them and decide whether they’re truth or self limiting beliefs. Do your work around that, knowing YOU can choose to live life focusing on negative or positive experiences. Your future doesn’t have to be the same as your past, and not only is it ok to let it go, it will change your entire way of living for the better.

  1. Breathe/Meditate (5 minutes)

  2. Daily Pages/Journaling (10 minutes)
    • Set timer if you want to
    • Respond to Journal Prompt~Do you trust yourself? Why/Why not? Think about some things/events in your life that totally bombed. Can you see how you’ve grown? How every moment has led you here, now? Write about ways you can really start showing up for yourself to cultivate trust and knowing everything works out, exactly as it should~even when it looks nothing like you had in mind.
  3. Movement (15ish minutes)
    • Video – practice full routine

Know you are loved!

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